SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS – white and coloured

Self-adhesive labels are an excellent and universal way of product labelling and a perfect medium for any content related to marketing function of the package. The multitude of self-adhesive materials and the abundance of available decorative techniques make this type of paper or foil labels applicable in almost every industry: cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, logistics etc. The Aniflex company, thanks to its many years of experience in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels, is able to offer optimal solutions in the field of striking and effective in costs product labelling.

Two printing technologies

Two printing technologies

We adjust printing technology individually, to each and any design and Customer.

Ecological solutions

Ecological solutions

We print on recycled and nature-friendly raw materials.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Ordering the design here, you may be certain that it will be properly prepared for printing.

Merketing consulting

Marketing consulting

We help create effective packages, thanks to which you increase your sales.

Peel-off labels are made by connecting two film or paper layers of the self-adhesive materials. They’re used in order to obtain greater space for printing, for products that require additional descriptions or for implementing promotional and marketing actions.

Self-adhesive label printing house

We offer our customers the printing of self-adhesive labels tailored to their expectations. We use modern equipment, thanks to which we can assure the highest quality of printing. Self-adhesive labels offered by our company are printed in two complementary printing technologies. Our printing house is located near Łódź, but our offer is addressed to Customers from all over Europe. Production of self-adhesive labels is our passion, mission and vision.

The application of our labels…

Etykieta na butelkęExtensive machinery park makes it possible to carry out both low- and high-volume production for glass or plastic bottles, among other types of packaging. Among a wide range of labelling solutions, we can offer both paper and foil raw materials, all depending on the Customer’s expectations and the intended use of the product. The perfect solution dedicated to bottles for beverages, cosmetics, household chemicals and preparations available in the automotive sector.


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