Shrink-sleeves are a product that gives wide variety of possibilities and it is made of PVC or PET film, which adjusts to the shape of the package and thus guarantee a precise placing of the label even on the more “requiring” and irregular forms. Their biggest advantage is the fact that they cover the whole package with the label, enabling an “unlimited printing” which purpose is to distinguish the product on the shop shelf. Thanks to the technologies we own, we are able to offer you the creation of eye-catching and cost-effective shrink sleeves adjusted to the individual needs of your product.

shrink sleeves

We can do it for you

Design personalisation

Each product with a different label design? No problem for us!

Two printing technologies

We adjust printing technology individually, to each and any design and Customer.

Printing up to 11 colours

We guarantee a professional printing with a colour gamut chosen by you.

PANTONE palette colours

We will print every, colour you chose from the PANTONE palette.

Ecological raw materials

In pursuit of our sustainability goals, we have introduced shrink sleeves in the production of which a material containing processed raw material was used.

“We are both for those who need a million of labels and for those who will be satisfied with just one!”

A little more about the shrink sleeves…

Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves are an interesting alternative for labelling food, cosmetic, chemical, etc. products. They are specifically: an excellent marketing content medium (offer a possibility to cover with the printing the entire surface of the package), an ideal solution for packages of irregular, non-standard shapes; in addition, offer a possibility to make a rub-resistant printing (due to the fact that the film is printed on the label inner side).

shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels – for whom?

Shrink sleeve labels are the perfect solution for marking products in packages of irregular or demanding shape. Their basic advantage is the possibility of covering almost the entire package with the label, thus increasing its marketing potential.

Heat shrink sleeves are printed both using flexographic and digital technology. The selection of printing technique depends on, among other things, the size of a given order. We also offer advice in terms of effective graphic design.


We can do it for you.

Printing up to 11 colours
Colours pantone